It’s no secret by now that one of the world’s most entertaining fights is finally taking place.

MMA superstar and the face of the UFC Conor McGregor is set to take on boxing’s biggest name Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The fight is penciled in for August 26th 2017, and is likely to be one of the most expensive pay-per-view events ever.
The question on everybody’s mind is: will this mega-fight be everything it’s being hyped up to be? Does McGregor stand a chance against boxing’s undefeated (49-0) king of defense? Jay “Beard” Sarrazin and I are not quite sure, and we took the time to break down how we believe that fight will play out.

Moreover, we discuss the long-awaited Cris Cyborg fight, as she takes on Invicta FC featherweight champion Megan Anderson at UFC214 on July 29th. The winner will be crowned the UFC female featherweight division champion, so it’s definitely not an event you want to miss!
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